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Marta Almansa Books Bilingual Children's Books

Author of multiple bilingual children's books

What readers say

‘”This is a brilliant search and find book which my two-year-old loves. The items are both familiar to the home as well as fun, and each page creates a talking point. The added element of the book also teaching Spanish is brilliant as allows a relaxed space for my toddler to learn about another language. Love it!”


“Great book to learn French vocabulary! It is a very comprehensive French vocabulary book. Great for kids and I think it is suitable for adults when learning French as a beginner too! It is nice to have the vocabularies paired with gender as well! Highly recommend it!”

Nick & Ellen

“I am a native Spanish speaker and my other half is English, living in the UK my kids need more reinforcement of Spanish and having a book where they can relate objects in both languages, makes it easier to add to their vocabulary, as well as helps to start to identify letters, different sounds in each language. Absolutely recommended.”


“This book covers all aspects such as kitchen, colours, animals and food. My children are learning Spanish at school so this book is a great help. Great added layer is finding the items in the picture for each theme.”


“This is brilliant for helping children (and adults) to learn Spanish. Very bright and colourful, a book your child will pick up again and again.”


“It is a very complete book to increase his vocabulary in English (and in Spanish), it’s not only about learning words, but also counting them. For example: two sheep, a cat, four glitter tubes. Super!”

Vanessa (translated)
Marta Almansa Esteva is a Spanish mum of one and a neonatal and paediatric nurse in the United Kingdom.